Welcome to the Toddler Room
Ages: 14 Months to 2 years

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Virtual Tour of our Toddler Room

Toddler teachers build on skills learned in Infant room surrounding feeding, hand hygiene, & structured schedules. They focus on communication both nonverbally & verbally. Additionally, teachers assist students in activities using firsthand visual arts projects, singing, & reading books in order to build skills related to identifying colors, shapes, animals, & people.

We also value the importance of parent-teacher communication! The Toddler Room uses daily reports and communication tools to enhance your parent-teacher relationships! We want you to feel at ease when sending your precious toddler.

Our center follows the PA Early Learning Standards for developmentally appropriate lessons and activities!

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Some Skills your Child will Practice

  • Scribbles with writing & drawing utensils

  • Recognizes and name familiar objects

  • Engages in short conversations

  • Play side-by-side with other children

  • Curious about their environment

  • Developing self help skills

  • And Much More!